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What is copra meal

  • Copra Meal by Pt Pohacee Mitra Indonesia. Supplier from

    Copra Meal : Copra meal is the by-product of the mechanical extraction of the copra. This product is widely used in the animal feeds industry and is commonly consumed by animals such as hogs and cattle since it contains a high percentage of crude protein and crude fiber. It

  • Cool Stance - Stance Equine USA

    Cool Stance is premium quality coconut (copra) meal, made from the white part of the coconut, which is dried, baked and ground. It is totally natural and is chemical and GMO free. It is assured quality and routinely tested for Aflatoxins. The oil in Cool Stance (coconut oil) is saturated and rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCT).

  • Copra Meal - Kapuluan Coconut

    Aug 17, 2020· The copra meal provides a source of high-quality protein for horses, pigs, sheep, deer, and fish, benefitting the animals in multiple ways. For example, copra is the primary product in horse feed as it is said to improve their skin texture, body

  • EXPORTING COCONUTS - Pacific Trade Invest

    Copra meal is used as a feed supplement mainly for beef and dairy cattle. It is also used for sheep and horses (there is growing utilising by the racehorse industry) and in smaller quantities as a chicken or pig feed supplement. This product has a very low price per kg compared to other coconut products.

  • Copra - Wikipedia

    Copra meal is used as fodder for horses and cattle. Its high oil and protein levels are fattening for stock. Its high oil and protein levels are fattening for stock. [10] [11] The protein in copra meal has been heat treated and provides a source of high-quality

  • Introduction Advantages of Raising Small Ruminants

    Copra meal. This is what is left of the coconut meat after the oil has been removed or extracted. 6. Soybean oil meal. This is a by-product after extracting the soybean oil. It contains about 44% crude protein and is also a good source of energy. 7. Mungo.

  • Copra - Cargo Handbook - the world's largest cargo

    Copra is the cut, dried endosperm (nutritive tissue) of the coconut, fruit of the coconut palm from the palm family (Palmae). The process of Coconut Oil extraction is done by crushing copra to produce coconut oil (70%); the by-product is known as copra cake or copra meal (30%).


    THE COPRA PROBLEM Conventional coconut oil comes from dried coconut flesh, called copra. Copra is dried in a wood-fuelled kiln, or in the sun, over a period of a few days. It is time-consuming, dirty, lonely, arduous, male-dominated, fuel-intensive and low-paying work. Many farmers consider it a form of slavery. The journey of the copra from farm to mill is interesting:

  • Copra and Copra Oil in Papua New Guinea - Tok Pisin

    Copra meal, a low-value by-product of copra oil production, is exported for stockfeed. Copra meal exports averaged 14 000 tonnes/year during the 1990s, with an average value of K1.6 million/year. Average smallholder yields are typically in the range 400700 kg of copra

  • Kiribati Copra Mill Company Ltd, Kiribati

    The Kiribati Copra mill co. ltd is a manufacturing company registered in Kiribati. Its' a government company located on Urban Tarawa, the main capital city of Kirib

  • Is Copra a suitable feed for laminitic horses

    Copra meal is a coconut based feed that is often used to help horses gain or maintain weight, it is also known to be low in NSC consisting of around 11%. In the study, scientist examined the insulin and gluscose spikes caused by Copra meal and compared with those of Sweet feed (33.7% NSC), Pellets (25.3% NSC) and Pasture (7% NSC).

  • Copra Meal Market Growth Trends Forecast (2020 - 2025)

    Coconut Meal is natural animal feed and has a sweet aroma taste along with the coconut flavor. Coconut meal is a mxture of 10 - 15% coconut oil or fat content

  • COPRA MEAL - Riverina

    Coconut meal or copra meal is produced from the ripe fruit (nut) of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). The nut is split and the kernel is removed and dried below 6% moisture. This meal is called copra meal and still contains the oil.

  • Example 3: Copra cake and meal - Southeast Asia

    Introduction. Coconut oil is produced by extracting oil from copra, which is dried coconut flesh. When the oil is expelled mechanically the residue is called copra cake and if this is then solvent extracted to increase the yield of oil, the product is called copra meal.

  • Table 32. Description of major feedstuffs available in the

    Copra meal: is what remains after the dried coconut meat has been subjected to a mechanical fat extraction process and ground. Copra meal is also available in cake and pellet form. The feedstuff is relatively high in protein (at least 22%) although the quality is relatively low. It is also high in fiber.

  • CoolStance® Copra - SmartPak Equine

    CoolStance® is a premium quality coconut meal that is dried, baked, and ground to provide a cool source of calories for horses. This cool source of energy comes from quality protein and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) found in the coconut meal. These fatty acids are readily digestible and also support skin and coat health.

  • Stance copra vs copra meal in a brown bag? Stockyard

    Jun 15, 2012· At our stockfeeds it's $16.50 for 25kg of Copra Meal, how much is a bag of Coolstance? nannygoat Gold Member. Mar 15, 2012 #7 I used the Carpenter Gold copra and didn't care for it at all. It certainly wasnt that cheap then either was the same price as the coolstance!!

  • Copra Meal by 168 Exports Trading. Supplier from

    COPRA MEAL Coconut meal or copra meal is produced from the ripe fruit (nut) of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). Note The nut is split and the kernel is removed and dried below 6% moisture. This meal is called copra meal and still contains the oil.

  • Protein enriched copra meal (PECM) as feed protein for

    Mar 20, 2017· Primarily used as animal feed, copra meal is an important feed resource in the Philippines. In 2014, the Philippines produced about 750,000 metric tons of copra meal as coconut by-product. About 60% of this was locally utilized mainly as animal feed.

  • Horse Diet - Feeding Naturally Greenpet

    Jan 11, 2021· Copra meal is a cool energy feed and is highly palatable for picky eaters or to hide the taste of supplements. Flaxseed (linseed) is a rich source of essential fatty acids and can be fed as a ground meal or oil. It should be used in moderation, as it may also have a laxative effect on some horses.

  • Copra or coconut meal as a horse feed - Stance

    The coconut is then split in half and the white "copra" removed from the shell. The copra is dried, transported to the coconut oil mill, where the coconut oil is mechanically extracted, leaving the brown co-product called coconut or copra meal. Copra meal does not contain any husk or shell.

  • What Is Copra Meal - Coconut Rocket

    Copra meal: After removing coconut oil, the remaining deposit of the copra or coconut butter is called as the copra meal or copra cake. This desiccated coconut waste is a reliable byproduct of copra and also is used as a nutritious straw for animals. The advantage of using copra meal as pet feed is that it is economical and plentiful.

  • (PDF) Feeding value of copra meal for broilers

    Copra meal (CM), a by-product of coconut oil extraction, is readily available in the region and has moderate protein content ranging from 150 to 250 g/kg (Devi and Diarra, 2017;.

  • What Is Copra And How Is It Made? - WorldAtlas

    Jun 21, 2018· Copra is the processed, dried kernel of coconut utilized in the extraction of coconut oil. Copra is utilized for a variety of purposes. It is used as food as it an important source of nutrients including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Hot pressing the copra yields a low-melting oil that has a melting point of 23 degrees Celsius.

  • Chemical & Microbiological Analyses of Coco Products &

    Copra Copra Meal/Pellets Coconut Shell Charcoal Coconut Oil (RBD, Crude, Cochin) Acid Oil, Fatty Acid Distillate 1 liter Coconut Oil Desiccated Coconut Cooked Acidified Nata de Coco Raw and Processed (Low Acid) Nata de Coco Coco Cream Powder, Creamed Coconut, Macapuno

  • The Amazing Benefits Of Copra Coconut Vashini Blog

    Copra Meal: After extracting coconut oil, the leftover residue of the copra or coconut butter is called as the copra meal or copra cake. Dry coconut suppliers also sell copra meal which is used as a quality feed for cattle. This desiccated coconut waste is an effective by-product of copra and is used as a nutritious fodder for livestock.

  • What are the uses of copra? Vashini Blog

    Copra meal: After extracting coconut oil, the leftover residue of the copra or coconut butter is called as the copra meal or copra cake. This desiccated coconut waste is an effective by-product of copra and is used as a nutritious fodder for livestock. The advantage of using copra meal as animal feed is that it is abundant and cheap.

  • Copra coconut product Britannica

    Copra, dried sections of the meat of the coconut, the kernel of the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). Copra is valued for the coconut oil extracted from it and for the resulting residue, coconut-oil cake, which is used mostly for livestock feed.

  • The Use of Copra in Horse Feeds - Kentucky Equine Research

    Nov 17, 2011· By-products of the oil industry are commonly used in animal feeds and are often nutritious additions to a diet. Copra is a by-product of coconut oil production from the dried white flesh of the coconut (not the dark husk or hull). Because of processing, copra is often brownish in color, not the bright white of store-bought coconut.

  • The use of expeller copra meal in grower and finisher pig

    Dec 01, 2000· Copra meal is a potentially valuable source of energy for grower and finisher pig diets. However, with careful diet formulation copra meal may represent a cheap and valuable source of both dietary energy and protein for pigs.

  • Copra Cake and Copra Meal World Agriculture

    Oct 19, 2011· Copra meal is one of the cheapest and most easily available feed ingredient that can be utilized for poultry feeding in the Philippines. All of the copra meal from the Philippines is from hulled seed by the expeller method, and contains about 22% protein. There are certain problems connected with feeding of high levels of this ingredient.

  • Establishing nutritional value in copra and palm products

    May 15, 2013· Copra meal is produced when coconut oil is removed by solvent extraction from the meat of the coconut. Similarly, palm kernel meal is produced by solvent extraction of oil from oil palm seeds. When palm oil is instead removed by mechanical expelling, the resulting product is

  • Copra Meal or Rice Bran to Help Horses Gain Weight? The

    Jan 21, 2018· A. Rice bran and coconut (copra) meal are commonly added to equine diets for their fat content. Rice bran contains about 15 to 18% fat while copra meal is about 8 to 10% fat.

  • (PDF) Classification of copra meal and copra expellers

    The co-products include copra meal, copra expellers, palm kernel meal, and palm kernel expellers. All 4 ingredients are very high in fiber and the energy value is relatively low when fed to pigs.

  • Feeding value of copra meal for broilers World's Poultry

    The production of copra meal in some parts of the world is abundant and cheap and hence its inclusion in poultry diets would benefit the poultry industry. Its use as a feeding material would also be beneficial for the coconut industry and the environment, through the reduction of copra waste.

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